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EasyDot easy apply window films Perth

Tired of getting bubbles or lumps when you’re applying window stickers? Or static cling stickers that won’t stay on? Easy Dot is the new benchmark for easy-to-apply and easy-to-reposition window stickers and graphics.

Innovative “dots” of adhesive (instead of full coating) provide better adhesion than static cling but easier bubble free application and re-positioning than low tack vinyl. Great for all sorts of retail applications from entry point statement to drinks fridges this film adheres to any flat gloss non-porous surface meaning no messy adhesive clean-up when the promotion ends. Try mixing areas of white ink with areas of clear for interesting effects.

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Single Vision Window Films Perth

One Way Vision Film

This remarkable innovation is something you really have to see to believe. From the outside your windows are covered in colourful graphics, but step inside and, except for a slight dark tint to the windows, you can barely tell there’s anything on the windows at all. One Way Vision films let sunlight still filter in keeping your store or office nice and bright. For north facing windows where you want to reduce heat ingress consider block-out films instead.

Corporate Frosting

Printed Window Frosting Perth

Incredibly creative and amazing finishes can be achieved by combining coloured shape & pattern printed on to custom shapes of frosted film. In a corporate or office setting frosted films are more commonly used without any ink overprint to simply simulate an etched area on the glass (often with a logo reversed out) but we’ve seen some amazing results when you include even the a few areas of an opaque white ink or subtle coloured pattern. We can provide either square/rectangular finish or completely custom contours/shapes.  


Retail environments such as supermarkets, restaurants and other specialist retailers will often have windows whose interior face is completely obscured/hidden on the inside. Graphical films in this scenario will often show graphics from the exterior but be completely opaque from the inside as no vision to the outside is required. 

Vinyl cut lettering

Need to add opening hours to a store window? Or perhaps you need a more lightsafe solution than printed SAV. Computer cut vinyl is a great way to apply text that may need to change at a later date… or to achieve large blocks of one or two colours. Using our Graphtek cutter and our stong relationship with all of the national vinyl providers LF Media can provide all of your CCV needs.