Vinyl Banners

Instant Online Printing Prices Perth510gsm as Standard
(with option of 610g)

Forget cheap flimsy banners that rip at the first sign of any wind. Unless requested we don’t run banners on anything under 510gsm and regularly use a heavyweight 610gsm for our clients in big retail.

All banners are available with a multitude of optional finishes including hemming, strong stainless steel eyelets, kedar edging (for sail track) and rope.

2.5m Tall and Beyond

Our banners are available up to 2.4m tall (or taller with welds) and any length. We also print onto Banner Mesh for outdoor fencing like construction sites or land releases where you need wind to pass through – click here.

Our banners are water proof and have a high UV tolerance, which makes them a good value, long lasting option – even in the Perth sun.

Vinyl banners are easy to transport, and can be mounted on pole or picket, or tied to a fence or similar structure via reinforced eyelets.

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