National Brand Support

National Brand Support

Retail Outlet Printing Perth Western Australia

Supporting national brand roll-outs.

The gap between ‘off the plan’ and actual means you need assets on the ground where the action is. Experienced signage companies realise that freighting pre-printed signage to the west coast for national brand roll-outs is not a feasible option. There’s always that dreaded moment when the artwork doesn’t fit the finished build… And with the gap between construction and launch getting skinnier every year it’s quicker (and cheaper) to design east and print west

We already help some of Australia’s larger national retailers with their west coast assets – call us on (08) 6424 8690 to see how we can help you.

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Freight aint always friendly… But who can you trust?

The risk of “damaged in transit” plus the delays & costs associated make freighting large format signage to the west coast an undesirable prospect… but at least you get to see the printed product before it goes up right? LF Media are the trusted west coast support partners for many east coast print providers who have realised the cost benefits and extra speed of removing freight from the equation. The responsiveness of our workflow enables our national clients to design artwork to the plan specifications ahead of schedule and then make any last minute adjustments for final construction measurements… without having to factor in an extra week waiting for final prints to get to WA.

Join the many happy interstate clients who rely on LF Media to print their signage in WA rather than risk freight damage and delays. 

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Choose the right mix.

New technology has created a ‘middle’ niche between traditional paper printing and signwriting with faster cheaper and better quality to boot. If it’s time sharpen the pencil on your print supply it’s time to add a little LF Media to the mix.

We leave the computer cut vinyl, fabricated letters, installation and/or offset printing etc up to you, which means we can concentrate on complimenting what you do by printing fast digital to more large format substrates with better quality.

The speed & flexibility of our machinery compared to most of the industry’s legacy infrastructure means we can be competitive on most volume printed signage. Flatbed printers don’t take 30 minutes to image a sheet anymore. Our swissqprint impala can chew through corflutes and ACM panels faster than ever before.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re currently purchasing corflutes, aluminium signs, vinyl banners, internal banners, vehicle wraps or any large format printing you could save big bucks by giving LF Media a call.

The right tech backed by the right mix of experts.

LF Media’s specialised flatbed & roll-to-roll printing, cutting machines and finishing technologies are backed by a team who have been driving print businesses since the early 80s.

Local print & signage businesses call upon our expertise daily for those hard to answer, curly print problems because they know our client support team includes experts in Print & Finishing, Signage, Installation, Industrial Design and Graphic Design.