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Katz Outdoor Display Board recyclable


Katz Outdoor Display Board is a water resistant wood pulp two-sided laminated board with water repellent properties.The product can be used for outdoor conditions over several weeks, without significant visual change of the print image.

However, moisture can cause paper typical deforming and loss of stiffness of the Katz Outdoor Display Board. Therefore we recommend an outdoor use of maximum 12 weeks.

KATZ Display Board marries a wood pulp core with a high-quality paper lining, to provide a totally organic, chemical-free alternative to traditional screen board & plastics like extruded PP, PVC & paper lined styrene boards. Stiffer, stronger & more durable than many other substrates, even at lower weights and thicknesses, it has excellent, consistent ‘stay flat’ properties, a superior cut-edge & outstanding print surface, making it perfect for even the most demanding images & creative applications. Best of all, KATZ Display Board is fully biodegradable & easily recyclable, making it the truly responsible & sustainable alternative for your next project.