Pop-up X-Frame Displays

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Pop-up X-Frame Display Wall Perth

Need a large, free-standing banner wall? The FAB straight wall Popup display is similar to the traditional pop-up display frames we carry, and utilises a one piece fabric print that is attached to the frame by Velcro that stays attached all the time. The result is an easy to use display that is durable, trouble-free, assembles in less than one minute and can break down just as quickly.

  • Comes with a PVC rotomoulded carry case for easy transportation.
  • 3 x 3 models front panel graphic size is 2260mm wide x 2260mm high
  • 4 x 3 models front panel graphic size is 3000mm wide x 2260mm high
  • For the graphic to wrap around the ends of the frame add 700mm to the width
  • Also comes in a 4 x 3 curved wall option