Lifesize Cutouts or Standees

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Your Image on a Lifesize Free-standing Cutout!

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Stand out from the crowd and personalise your business promotion or event for only $150!

Any image can be transformed into a full colour, life size, free standing Cutout (or Standee).

LF Media can print a wider variety of sizes and styles of life size cut-out standees thanks to our huge flatbed printer which prints to larger sheet sizes than most… and also prints direct to card or corflute (or any other flat substrate for that matter – up to 48mm thick).

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Printing direct to corflute or card is usually a cheaper option than the common practice of printing a sticker and transferring to corflute prior to cutting (and you’ll usually get a better quality too).

Complete with single, double (or custom) struts LF Media is your local large format printer in Perth for cut-out standees for retail promotions, event props or even just to freak out everyone in the office with your own personal lifesize version of yourself.

A standee adds huge impact to any promotion because we humans are subconsciously drawn to notice any humanoid shape in our surrounds. Planning a roadside sign? Consider an aluminium panel life-size cutout for more impact. We can supply a robust ground stake setup that will keep your standee upright in most weather* (although all non-fixed street signage should be taken indoors when harsh weather is on it’s way).

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Artwork Tips

Artwork tips.

Outline file: Most clients save time (and money) by supplying artwork with the ‘cut file’ already in place (as a spot colour and set to overprint). If this is all sounds like a foreign language to you fear not, we can arrange a cut-file for you… but beware there is a cost associated and this will also add a day or three to production.

Stability: think through your design – is there a lot more ‘shape’ on the left or right? Extra struts can add more stability on one side but it’s often safer to factor in a ‘base’ that is wider than the top. Standees will almost always have the white gap between the characters legs filled and often include a white ‘box’ or even additional ‘scenery’ used as a filler to ensure the standee is not too top-heavy (can your character be standing in front of a rock? jungle? a car or house?For complete artwork tips click here

 *Some councils require approval for roadside signage – check with your local council before erecting any external signage.