Custom Wall Graphics

LF Media are the Perth experts in large format sticker and decal printing. Using easily removable stock, these wall graphics are ideal for large areas such as walls or point of sale displays. They are easy to apply and remove, and durable and washable.

How Can You Use Wall Graphics in Your Business?

Printed Custom Wallpaper Perth

There are a myriad of possible uses for wall graphics in the office, commercial or retail context. 

Wall graphics are high impact, and can be used for promotions, information safety signage or to direct work flows and traffic. 

We have previously supplied all sectors of industry with wall signage for a diverse range of purposes, including:

  • Safety Signage
  • Informational Signage
  • Statutory Requirements
  • Interior Decor
  • Point of Sale signage
  • Product Display and Promotion
  • Large Format Vinyl lettering

For more ideas, check out our indoor signage and printing options here.

Printed Washable Wallpaper Perth

Wall Graphics and Large stickers are a cost effective, high impact way to promote your brand or convey your message.C

How to avoiding common problems when installing decals and wallpaper

We’re always hearing horror stories of Printed Custom Wallpaper peeling off because of poor wall preparation. To help make your wallpaper installation process easier and ensure the best results, read our handy tips below.

New Walls

New walls need to be prepared in a specific manner to ensure adhesive substrates will stick to them. Many paints on the market now have wash and wear characteristics, Teflon and /or latex added. These properties affect the adherence to the paint surface. Avoid painting new walls with these types of paint if you later want to adhere modern printed wallpaper. If it’s too late – don’t despair – there are coatings that can be applied to ‘rescue’ a wash & wear wall – call us for details on availability and our recommendations.

We recommend using Dulux Aquanamel Gloss. If your painter uses paint other than the paint specified, usually the wallpaper installer will not be held accountable for failed installations.

Tips for painting with Aquanamel: (2) coats required. The walls need to be wiped down before the first coat is applied to remove all dust from sanding. They’ll also need a light sanding after the second coat of paint has dried to remove any small paint heads that may exist. This allows for a high quality finish. The paint needs to have adequate drying time before we can install the wallpaper otherwise the out-gassing of the paint will affect the adhesion and cause bubbling. A minimum of 72 hours drying time is required after the last coat has been applied.

Old Walls

For walls that have already been painted there are two (2) options:

  1. Paint over the old paint (as described above), or
  2. Seal the wall with a sealer that doesn’t contain wash and wear, Teflon and /or latex additives. We recommend Dulux Crystal Clear Gloss.

Also ensure that the sealer completely covers the entire area where the wallpaper will be laid including the edges. Two coats must be applied and 48 hrs dry time is required

Note that the wall surface and paint finish is usually not the wallpaper installer’s responsibility. If paint is removed from the wall during installation of the wallpaper due to the above guidelines not being followed then the installer will not be accountable for fixing the wall surface.