Custom Vinyl Stickers

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Custom Promotional Stickers of Any Size or Shape

LF Media can provide a range of premium promotional stickers for your business or marketing event on a range of different substrates for indoor or outdoor use. These can be cut to custom shapes and sizes, so the only limit is your imagination. 

Vinyl stickers can be supplied individually or on the sheet, on white or clear background. 

Vinyl Stickers – Permanent or Removable?

Depending on the intended use, we can print stickers onto a permanent or removable stock. Generally, removable stickers are ideal for car bumper stickers or general marketing and promotional purposes. They are fade resistant and waterproof, but can be removed as a single sheet if needed. In contrast, permanent stickers have a very strong adhesive, and will be resistant to removal, and will generally come apart when an attempt is made to remove them. Permanent vinyl stickers are ideal for security stickers or long term permanent signage or notices.

Clear Vinyl Sticker Printing

Premium stickers for marketing and promotional purposes are sometimes printed on clear vinyl. Clear Stickers are extremely effective when used on windows or glass, and can be printed standard or reverse, depending on the intended use. These stickers, or decals, can be printed in full colour,  giving a translucent “stained glass” effect, or with a white print base, making areas of the transfer opaque.

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